what I’m hearing


Hello, my name is Hannah and I am 24 and have no idea what I want to do with my life. I also have scars, cellulite, and weird body proportion. I constantly ask my husband if I’m pretty because I’m vain, insecure, and don’t believe my husband when he tells me I am pretty. (You really should click that link and then email your husband and ask if it’s true.)

I’m getting really sick of people posting (and I’ve been guilty of this before as well) Dove beauty campaign ads of women with no cellulite, great skin, and good body proportion.

I’m tired of noticing in television women with high aspirations in life and tired of her (actually amazing) job and wants to move on to the next step but her pride holds her back from being a boss and making thousands and thousands of more dollars than her already thousands and thousands of more dollars than I make.

I think what I want is one day without a Dove beauty ad about real women making me feel physically inferior and the world and media not making me feel like I need to have my whole life together and aspire to be the next president of a corporation when I’m only 24. I want a day without someone telling me I should pursue a better position or start having babies yesterday.

I want a day that turns in to a lifetime of believing my husband, being content, willing to serve, and striving for a peaceful and quiet life.