word for the year {2014}


Last spring I was in a mini journaling class and the speaker convinced me I need to have a word for the year instead of New Year goals. The idea is to be intentional and focus on one main thing you won’t forget instead of a to do list all year long. Once it was December I realized I needed to start thinking about what I wanted my “word for the year” to be and it didn’t take to long to know my word needed to be remember. I tend to be forgetful and absent-minded and this year I want to focus on remembering.

I want to write something every day.

I want to take photographs to remember the people I love.

I want to remember, not memorize. (I thank Dr. Ware for teaching me I should not memorize, but meditate, for then I will know and remember.)

I want to remember what I read.

I want to remember moments and conversations.

Now, the list maker in me can’t just leave my entire year to one word. I will also do my (kind of) usual monthly goals. January looks like this:

*start a daily journal

*30 day self portrait

*start working on homemade gifts (I want to start having all my gifts [at least for Christmas] be homemade or support a charity. I figure I better start on this now instead of November.)

*walk every day (I’m the worst at moving around when it’s cold and dreary.)

Updates to come throughout the month of what this looks like, of course. Happy New Year, friends!

Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace.

G. K. Chesterton

spring break!!!

Oh wait, “reading week.” (aka, just more work.) Our hallway smells like a skunk died (another joy of Fuller, getting to smell inside everyone’s apartment). But, it’s warm enough to wear skirts, I got chocolate and lentils and a homemade knitted heart made by my sister all in the mail, and Andy and I have a groupon for a date sometime this week. So, it really is going to be a good week.

2012 in review

+ books read: 30
+ miles ran: 56
+ teas tried: 11
+ times moved: 1
+ miles traveled: 4,690
+restaurants discovered: 18 
+goodnight kisses: 361
+churches visited: 3
+laughs: 2,847
+big things I’m glad we got rid of: 5
+resolutions: 5

life enjoyed. happy new year from the reeves family.


I don’t remember the last time I cleaned the bathroom. It is at the top of my to do list, but when I come home I make dinner, eat, talk to Andy, and go to bed. Today I had an hour at home that I meant to get caught up on the little things (i.e. clean the bathroom) and I have made tea and sat here reading and writing. Thankfully I have a husband that gladly does the dishes or we would probably never have anything to eat on. Thankfully my schedule is about to change and I should be able to have more energy for chores. I am reminding myself it is more important to spend time with your husband than have a clean sink. Maybe tonight the bathroom will get cleaned. Maybe.


This blog is to document our new life here in Kentucky (for me, family, and friends), to share what I have been learning in seminary (and hopefully encourage and help others), to keep track of goals, and to share any practical sides of life like cooking and budgeting that I learn. When we first married I was overwhelmed by all the little things I thought would be easy: cooking, budgeting, etc. Then we made a decision to completely change the way eat and moved to a new city and I was overwhelmed again, except this time we had no garbage disposal, dishwasher, one tiny counter top, and a completely new and much smaller budget. So my goal is to encourage others by being honest and real; sharing new cheap, easy, vegan recipes; recording life and memories here because I forget easily; and writing what I am learning in SWI, church, and through books.