This is the best haircut decision I have ever made. I absolutely love my pixie. My first pixie was kind of a long pixie and I didn’t have the best bangs. I didn’t care for it and almost gave up on having a pixie. But I decided to be brave and try one more time, only much shorter. Wow. I feel feminine. I feel like a woman. I feel like a new woman. And really, I am a new woman. Sometimes I don’t recognize the Hannah from a year ago. She would have never imagined life without a hair dryer and only taking five minutes to get ready in the morning. I have either become more lazy or have figured out the important things in life because I never want to go back to tangles and spending more than three seconds on my hair. I feel light, pretty, and bold. World, meet (new) Hannah.

(I find it is really hard to take a good picture of your hair, apparently no matter how much you like your hair. So here are my attempts.)