lately {april}


you know that first spring day where you realize you’re free and life is okay? (or maybe you’re like who is this weirdo and why does she always talk about the weather and her moods?) yeah that totally happened to me this month and it’s been amazing. happy spring, friends! xo

wearing skirts all the time because once it peaks 60 you can bet I’ll only be wearing skirts until September

love love loving this article

trying to get rid of a lot of stuff

floating for days from a lovely compliment (don’t you just love those? the ones that linger for days and inspire you to reach higher!)

savoring walks and bike rides

watching Downton Abbey like it’s my job and having my heart ripped out and stomped on (yes, I’m way behind the times, I like it that way. Yes, I get emotionally attached to good stories. Yes, I love talking about good stories. Can we talk about how much I love Maggie Smith?!)

loving Louisville in the spring (people are so friendly here, especially at grocery stores. I just love it. And it’s beautiful. Everything is white and pink and purple and green. Everything is okay in the spring.)

having a Tom Hanks summer movie marathon (we kind of already started the marathon pre-summer with two down already!)

planning a free, simple summer in the city (at least, I like to think that being an adult in the summer and a spouse taking summer classes is simple and free.)

lately {February}


crying over the last episode of Sherlock

living off of tomato soup and rice

writing to my pen pal

surviving winter

this is the most beautiful read I’ve had in a while

making valentines

satisfying my love for lambs through this feed (can I even tell you about my love for lambs?! now I just need a good bunny rabbit feed! any suggestions?)

consuming chocolate like a crazy woman

wishing I could buy all the yarn

hibernating on the weekends

stay warm friends, xoxo

lately {january}

IMG_1808 IMG_1845 IMG_1827

treasuring the last weeks being able to talk with Andy for a long time before he tucks me in bed

finding every morning we have a really comfy bed

appreciating this post

so inspired by this woman to get moving this month

failing miserably at my 30 self portrait photography goal

but keeping up with my other January goals

finding the need to write, to put pen to paper

after hearing the quote “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” by Ernest Hemingway

it clicked in me and I haven’t stopped since

looking forward to more quiet January days with my love

I’ve wanted to have a front yard garden for some time now, but this article makes me even more excited to have one some day.

staying warm

knitting til my fingers hurt

coming home to fried rice, a smiling husband, and a candle lit

lately : around here

This week was perfect. 
Finishing crafts that I started last year.
Buying all the cinnamon whisks at Trader Joe’s.
Sending happy mail.
Throwing knitting needles across the room because it’s really, really hard.
Looking at pretty things I want to make so I don’t give up.
Decorating with my love.
Going on lots of walks.
Spending time with friends.
Giving thanks.
Wishing Andy could make fried rice every single night.
Eating all the chocolate.
Happy 1st day of December. I hope your month is merry and bright.

lately {november}

meal planning for Christmas

perfecting pancakes on Saturdays

learning to knit

planning a perfect Christmas present

always cooking in a cast iron skillet that was Andy’s great-grandmother’s

wanting big, comfy socks

listening to Dr. Bruce Ware teach theology

savoring dark chocolate often

creating traditions

stepping on lots of colored leaves during bright November walks

realizing I need to start thinking about the new year

lately {October}

walking for my commute

realizing this must be a secret to life

piling on the blankets

sleeping in a little more each day to enjoy the cold coming through the open window

listening to books

hanging pictures

dying to ride my bike every day

studying for my last New Testament test

constantly putting books on hold at the library

playing the piano every chance I get

feeling energized by fall

dreaming of a day with nothing in it

wearing gloves often

looking forward to Andy actually being off work for a few weekends

lately {july} in words and pictures

petting caramel, curly-haired dogs
devouring good books
watching a beaver leisurely walk through a front yard in the middle of the city

cancelling Netflix and
listening to the Harry Potter series

savoring Coffee Crisps and maple cookies from Canada
playing the piano (after a fairly long break from the piano I can all of a sudden play and sing at the same time!)

walking slowly in the evening summer breezes
longing for more freshly ground wheat pancakes shared with friends

scoring amazing free finds
hooked for life on audio books

hearing Andy say “I’ve been reading fashion magazines…stop laughing…it’s for my job!”
enjoying life with my best friend

lately {april}

running together

making plans for this summer (it’s going to be the best yet.)

dancing like little school girls when a new episode of Psych comes on Hulu

taking evening walks

feeling overwhelmed (like, when it rains it pours. and right now it feels like it’s pouring.)

trying to learn how to rejoice with those who rejoice. (this is hard. so many great things happening to great people, and I notice I start to become jealous.)

wanting zucchini, always

planning so many fabulous things for lentils next month

realizing I only have one more closet to purge ruthlessly (I mean, we only have two closets, but only one left sounds like I CAN DO THIS!)

taking deep breaths

anxiously waiting for my favorite farmer’s market to open

coming up to one year of seminary completed (hopefully I’ll post a life update soon.)

lately {march}

ordering books for one of my favorite professors (is this real?!)

writing papers (I have nine due next month. They’re super easy, but keeping my time occupied)

remembering I love writing (so many ideas floating around my head, maybe I’ll get the courage to write more here)

daydreaming together

dying for our stay-cation

loving the anticipation

appreciating simple music–simple chords, fewer instruments, fewer voices, more beauty

enjoying learning some church history at school with Andy

encouraged by my marriage and family class

drinking green tea every morning

eating a bazillion fruits and veggies before grocery money runs out

soaking up every little bit of sunshine and warm air

planning to make the most of spring