groaning and healing

I have a few posts lined up to publish soon, but now normal things in life feel almost mean and heartless to publish when there are people suffering such great losses. The sufferings of my own life seem inconsequential when I think of what the people I know and love have experienced. The trite cares of my day fade as I groan wordless prayers for other’s heavy burdens. Life is once again put back in perspective as you remember we are not promised a certain number of days on this earth. Yet still, so many things don’t feel right or fair. It’s because they’re not. The world is not how it was meant to be or how it one day will be, put back right. I used to think it was wrong and selfish to long for the promise of a future with the Lord (heaven) because I do not like the pain and sorrow in this world. A few days ago, as I was wrestling with uncertainty, questions, and fear in my own life, Andy shared something that a professor spoke of in his class. The professor mentioned all the people written of in the Gospels that came to Jesus for physical healing. They came to Jesus for to be healed because they trusted that he would heal them (which can seem self-serving to come wanting healing, but they were also expressing trust in Christ by coming to Him.). And because they had that tiny trust in Jesus for healing, he healed them spiritually as well. I feel the same. I do not have many answers to my unending questions, my mind can’t wrap around the answers I am given, and I am often self-serving in my desire for salvation because I want to be healed from this world. And Jesus takes that tiny speckle of trust I have that he can heal me of this world and gives me the faith (that often falters) because I trust him to make everything right again some day. I don’t have many answers, and I often have a lot of angry questions, but the one thing I do know is Jesus can heal and it’s okay to come for healing even if that is only what you are coming for. A sweet friend has died and my groaning is for comfort and healing for the many that loved her.
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Ps. 147:3

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Ps. 34:18