life and april goals

Has my last post really only been about our last meal plan?! Last month I took an added seminar and have been focusing all writing on my homework for that. It isn’t hard, but I have a one track mind about that kind of stuff and focused on it whenever I felt the urge to write. I’m thinking about posting my papers about the seminar and my book review. Would that be boring? I just hate when writing becomes forgotten in an online folder, you know? I really am planning to stay more in touch and have some writing and surprises lined up.

Andy has been working over time the past week or so and man, that. sucks. That is starting to wind down so hopefully life will settle down into a nice routine, especially post semester. Other than that we are chugging along and dreaming of summer.

April goals:

*Offline after 6 p.m. unless I’m writing or learning.

*Get back on a structured schedule, create routines. (Anyone have some fun routines you add in to your week or month you’d like to share?)

*Buckle down and finish some projects.

I think this weekend holds some bike rides and long walks. I hope to post the last meal plan soon and get back to more writing and pictures. Have a good one! xo


february goals



(note: I meant to publish this Feb. 1, which is why it might sound a little old [did not want to re-edit again!], and also gives you a glimpse of how slow I can be in getting the final product ready to publish!)

I am so happy it is February. February is like the month of hope that comes after the dark, spiraling, miserable month of January. I set out this winter to enjoy it and still live my life, but January was mostly miserable. I had no idea it would snow every week and be negative degree windchills for most of January and I don’t remember how I performed basic life functions like eating and getting dressed. February might be just as cold and leave me in a fog, but it’s a month closer to warmth. Plus, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because I love those little valentine cards. {I’ve already gotten two Valentine cards! A dear friend remembered my love for Valentine cards I think! :)} I’m so happy you’re here, February.

For my year of “remembering” I am starting an everyday journal. One or two lines a day about my day. In an effort to quell the “what have I been doing the past few weeks; what did I do yesterday; what am I doing with my life; what was that really special thing that happened a while ago” thoughts, this is doing wonders for myself. Some days it is hard–the only thing worth mentioning is that I ate or went to work. Some days are magic and I get to write down the little special moments that can so easily slip away. My hope is that in five years and ten years I will continue to write a line every day under the previous years line and smile at the meaningless days and the magic days. That I will have a history of all the crazy different things that have happened on one day–or crazy similar things. For this project I found the biggest empty notebook that I had and just divided it up for each day in hopes it will fit for the whole year. I didn’t have time or money to get exactly what I wanted, but maybe in five years when this one is all filled up I will be able to find exactly what I’m looking for.

For my individual goals this month:
*complete seven Christmas presents
*photograph the everyday things that don’t seem so photograph-worthy
*clean my inbox down to zero

On a completely separate note, I want to say thank you to those who gave me a positive comment about this previous blog post. I hope it did not come across as negative, it was really me writing to myself about not getting caught up in the pressures of life right now. It has been the one post so far that brought terror to the “publish” button, but Andy kept telling me it was good. I also thought it would be worth it if only one other person has similar feelings. Writing is absolutely terrifying to me, but I love it and I love how it can bring people together. I hope your weekend is lovely, xoxo. {and Happy Valentine’s Day!}

looking back and looking forward

It is a new year here for us. We have been here for one year (actually 14 months!). It saddens me and excites me at the same time. I am sad to realize how quickly time does pass in seminary. I am excited that we are no longer new here. We know people. We know places. We are almost kind of settled. It’s a new school year and we kind of know what we are doing. It is still summer, so I am not done with my “summer to do list,” but looking at it, all I can do is laugh. We had someone else pick blueberries for us. (Does that count or just make us the saddest couple ever?) I went through one of those phases where I felt like I deserved a gold star just getting out of bed (anyone else have those or am I just crazy?) and on top of that I had an upper respitory infection for a month. Andy worked every Saturday so we didn’t do random fun things like go to the farmer’s market. We still are not moved. I don’t think we saved any money this summer (and we’re both pretty extreme savers). But we’ve had fun and went to Disney with Andy’s family (the happiest place on earth and I got to feel like a six year old for a week!) and enjoyed beautiful weather and ate some amazing food and found a lot of things we needed for free or pretty close to free. For this last part of summer I want to look forward and focus on big picture things. I want to:

1. be creative and complete this self-portrait challenge
2. read. we are here to learn and lately that is all I want to do. i have a growing spreadsheet of over 100 books I want to read. i think if I focused I could read 1 (or more if they’re small!) book a week.
3. be a friend

So, friends, happy new year! May the rest of your summer days be like a warm hug, as they have been to us.

summer (to do)

It’s summer. Really, it’s been summer for a month. Andy has been out of school. The weather has been pretty nice. Life is slowing down. Since we’ve been married summer has really started to become my favorite season. Long days. Leisurely walks. Everything relaxes. Last month I didn’t feel like we were able to enjoy the first glimpses of summer because we had several time-consuming surprises come up. Now we’re getting rid of the stress and embracing summer. Let the magic begin.

1. spend as many moments as possible with Andy
2. blueberry picking
3. trail running
4. park exploring
5. visit cave hill cemetery
6. plenty of farmer’s marketing
7. go to a waterfront concert
9. eat good food
10. make our new house a home
11. share it with others
12. long late night walks
13. visit a new city
14. read a book with Andy
15. quit sugar (except for dark chocolate)
16. dance under the stars
17. sit outside on a porch at night
18. write more
19. buy a bicycle
20. go on a million bike rides
21. really keep a dinner diary
22. finish watching Call the Midwife (current favorite show)
23. run 3 miles
24. grow a plant
25. find the perfect elephant for our new place
26. put money back in savings
27. wear my summer little black dress
28. go see a summer movie

25 before 25

1. walk the city more, completely explore Frankfort, Bardstown, & Shelbyville
2. visit Bardstown, KY
3. visit the Smoky Mountains
4. visit Santa Claus, IN
5. journal
6. more kisses, dances, & random adventures
7. less stuff, more memories, cards, & homemade/meaningful gifts
8. create more family traditions
9. have more creative date nights
10. make a loaf of bread and homemade pizza
11. make three pumpkin recipes
12. have a vegan Thanksgiving
13. be sugar free
14. run a 5k in 25 minutes or less
15. read fifty books, at least five of them fiction
16. play more piano-just for fun
17. grow an herb
18. save 1/4 way for Disney World vacation we went to Disney World!
19. save money for real camera
20. visit sixteen new restaurants
21. do five craft projects
22. celebrate Andy’s 25th
23. organize more, make a home management binder, & make our home more homey
24. go to Southern’s Fall Festival
25. attend more campus conferences and events

I love having new goals each birthday. Most of these are easily attainable, a few are to stretch me. Here is to a wonderful new year (actually two) filled with much thankfulness, growing, and learning.