blooming garden family

Dustin and Susan are our small group leaders {family} and they take our group in often for {the most amazing foodie} food and prayer. Their kids are pretty cool as well and it’s such a blessing to watch and see their family every few weeks. I hope these pictures show a tiny glimpse of their life in this season. They are working on fixing up their beautiful house and every time we come over they are in the midst of a new project. They also have a way with food like I have never seen! And once we received a homemade beeswax candle from them made from the beeswax of their own bees. They truly tend and keep their garden! Thank you for caring for us and letting me capture your family at this moment in time!

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I am so glad I have gotten to know Amelia and her family a little bit the past two years. She is an amazing woman I have come to look up to and I am thankful I got to spend time capturing her family as they just hung out. Her kids were too cool…they acted like I had just been with them forever and like someone taking pics of them every 30 seconds was no big deal. We got to talk about VBS, listen to songs, and just play! I’m in love with these pics, hope you love them too! xo




welcome to the world, baby albert

Baby Bertie has actually been in the world for about three months now! His mom and my friend, Gretchen, has been so patient and understanding as I trudged through learning about editing before I officially sent them off to her. I met Gretchen through teaching 1st and 2nd graders with her and man…Gretchen is magic at teaching! I learned so much just watching and observing her. Slowly I realized Gretchen and I were “bosom friends” and that somehow gave me the courage to ask her if I could practice taking pics of her new baby once he was born. She graciously said yes and let me hang out for quite some time at her house. Albert was born a little early and was one of the tiniest, cutest babies I had ever seen. And wow, that little guy was also strong and a good trooper! So thankful for answered prayers for a healthy boy and for his mom who became such an example to me of strength, courage, and motherhood to three children. I hope you enjoy…


Susie is the proudest big sister!

New mom beautiful glow!

Susie loves to read so I couldn’t wait to get some book shots!

And my very favorite for last! Gretchen, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with me! xo