Dear Andy

(sidenote: I wrote this on Monday, but I often have a hard time publishing what I write the day I write.)

Dear Andy,

Today I got a glimpse into your life. I went to one of your classes with you. Previously I tried to prepare for the class by reading all the material you were reading. After one chapter I deemed that ridiculous and that I had other things to do with my time and proudly gave up. The one chapter was boring, hard, and gruesome. The other five chapters plus 20 pages of online reading I’m sure would have been worse. Class was okay, if you like dark, freezing cold rooms, and watching me fidget like a five year old stuck in a three hour long class filled with explanations of definitions. And then we departed ways, each of us going to our separate jobs. I wondered how you did it. Every single week, plus two other classes (and this class is your “easy” class) and another job thrown in. Plus, me, of course. I was proud of you before and I knew your life was hard, but, wow. You are the best, my perfect companion. Tonight I will gladly do all the dishes, fold your clothes, and read what I want quietly in my reading corner. Thank you, dear.