our Christmas desserts

We made the best sugar cookies and fudge this {past} year! Although the sugar cookies were amazing, next time I might try a recipe not quite as loaded with sugar. But for special occasions and for friends, these are perfect and so easy. Here’s the recipe.

IMG_1422 IMG_1510

The fudge we made was super easy and healthy! I actually kind of combined two recipes. I used this recipe. I added in 1 tablespoon vanilla and a pinch of sea salt and subbed maple syrup for the honey. I also made a batch with 1 tablespoon peppermint extract and pecans. I’m not sure which I preferred, but it’s a nice recipe to make your own and add in whatever you like. Both of these would be great Valentine’s Day treats, too! xoxo

p.s. we’ve been making more yummy treats and food that I hope to share here soon as well.

IMG_1390 IMG_1582

our own little Christmas

This is what our Christmas looked like:

*eating Chinese food {and I had to BEG for this one! One of my guilty pleasures that Andy finds repulsive is Chinese restaurants next to grocery stores. The minute I saw the “open on Christmas” sign + my life long dream of having Chinese food on Christmas + Andy tricking me to not eat there for months I knew I could break him.}

*doing a marathon : quilt and pillow fort on the couch with seasons of our favorite shows

*reading and listening to books

*making fudge and sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve church service, and had the Arkansas gang over for warm food and sweets!

Traditions we do/traditions we plan to start next year:

We always get each other a pair of socks. We both love a good pair of socks, but we do it to remember the simple and little things in life, which to some people are very, very big.

Eat Chinese food!

Send Christmas cards. This was our first year to send Christmas cards and it was so much fun. I love sending and receiving happy mail. I finally decided that just because there is Facebook in the world and just because we don’t have kids and a dog doesn’t mean we can’t send Christmas cards!

Next year we plan on changing our gift to each other a little bit. It always felt weird to receive Christmas gifts from Andy and makes it easy to become discontent and selfish. I think part of this is I’m in charge of the budget, so it’s weird seeing my gifts in the spreadsheet. Next year we plan to give each other a gift to last all year long–planning dates and fun things to do together. We didn’t this year (because I found the perfect gift for Andy) but I’m so excited to start this next year. A new plan of action for gifts for others will be featured in a January post. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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IMG_1442andy IMG_1534andy IMG_1579_1andy IMG_1570_1andy IMG_1254andy IMG_1495andy IMG_1513andy IMG_1530andy IMG_1537andy IMG_1559andy IMG_1563andy

around here








the snowman was taller than me


happy mail


the husband brings home dinner


christmas party


“look, hannah, we were teenagers!”


a girl and her teddy bear


rocking some christmas ’95


“how you doin’?”


share your holiday treasures in glass jars-a great way to recycle and pretty packaging


free wrapping paper-use the bottom side of paper grocery bags and a black or white sharpie to decorate

happy holidays, xo

Christmas in Kentucky

We have hardly done anything Christmas-y this month except decorate the tree and hang up paper snowflakes. The first week of December was finals and we have been in survival and recovery since then. Now that things are back to normal I’ve been wanting to slow down and celebrate the advent season. We are having “Christmas in Kentucky” this year and I’m so excited! This will be our fourth married Christmas together and every year before we have tried to start traditions, but each year I cannot  remember what we did the year before. The only tradition we have been consistent with is giving each other a new pair of socks for Christmas. If we come up with anything else this year I am writing it down for next year!  (I am planning on making these sugar cookies once I’m off for the holiday with a Christmas movie playing in the background. We also plan to start daily advent readings with Desiring God’s advent readings.) Does anyone have any good Christmas traditions for couples without children?

p.s. Last night we did make “Christmas” cookies together to give to friends that asked for some of my cookies (ask and you shall receive). But me making four batches of cookies (because we wanted some too!) and Andy doing the dishes doesn’t seem Christmas-y. These are one of our favorites though, here’s the link.

Notes: I recently purchased a coffee grinder and I love making flax eggs now! Be sure to start your flax egg around 30 minutes-1 hour before you start making the cookies and also don’t forget the dough needs to set up in the fridge for 2 hours. I use regular brown sugar and cinnamon for the recipe and it is still fantastic! Oh, and the best part about vegan cookies? You can eat as much raw batter as you want and you never have to make midnight runs to the grocery store for eggs! ;)