25 before 25

1. walk the city more, completely explore Frankfort, Bardstown, & Shelbyville
2. visit Bardstown, KY
3. visit the Smoky Mountains
4. visit Santa Claus, IN
5. journal
6. more kisses, dances, & random adventures
7. less stuff, more memories, cards, & homemade/meaningful gifts
8. create more family traditions
9. have more creative date nights
10. make a loaf of bread and homemade pizza
11. make three pumpkin recipes
12. have a vegan Thanksgiving
13. be sugar free
14. run a 5k in 25 minutes or less
15. read fifty books, at least five of them fiction
16. play more piano-just for fun
17. grow an herb
18. save 1/4 way for Disney World vacation we went to Disney World!
19. save money for real camera
20. visit sixteen new restaurants
21. do five craft projects
22. celebrate Andy’s 25th
23. organize more, make a home management binder, & make our home more homey
24. go to Southern’s Fall Festival
25. attend more campus conferences and events

I love having new goals each birthday. Most of these are easily attainable, a few are to stretch me. Here is to a wonderful new year (actually two) filled with much thankfulness, growing, and learning.