Hippie Homemade 2 in 1 Deodorant and Dry Shampoo

Two years ago we made a lot of changes in our lives: we moved about 700 miles and at the same time decided to completely change our diet and what we put in and on our bodies. So, for a long time I have been searching for the perfect deodorant. I’ve tried about everything: several from the natural food store and etsy, coconut oil, and also just nothing. I hated all of them. And I kind of gave up. Around the time of giving up, I was going through a hair crisis and started making my own dry shampoo. Again, I hated the recipe but decided to change it up to only one ingredient (cornstarch) and added in cocoa powder so my hair wasn’t white. I loved it and also loved the way it smelled. A few days passed and suddenly I realized…why am I not trying this for my deodorant?! I have not gone back since! I wanted to wait a few months before writing about it to make sure this was real so here I am…if you’ve had the same problem as me or just want to save a lot of money…I introduce my favorite deodorant and dry shampoo!


Ingredients: cornstarch and cocoa! I was using a leftover glass spice jar but I’ve changed to using a tea tin. All I do is fill it with cornstarch and then mix in cocoa powder until it becomes about the shade of my hair. Then I just use a makeup brush to apply. Crazy cheap, lasts forever, and less plastic waste going in the trash! Plus, you smell faintly of chocolate. Bonus! xo

(p.s. if this does not work right away for you like it did me I would not give up too quickly! I have heard when switching things like deodorant or diet it changes the way our body releases toxins and the way we smell. I went through that transition for a long time before trying this so I am not sure all of the factors why it works for me, but I hope it works for you too!)


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  1. Sweet pictures! I should probably try this for my deodorant. I’ve been going solo in that regard for about half a year and love it. But during July and August… Maybe I should spare others ;)

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