SWI Review-Raising Healthy Children

Raising Healthy Children by Mrs. Wellum is something I wanted to listen to to be prepared to care for other children I watch over and for possibly my own someday. I thought the class was mostly going to be about caring for your children when they are sick or hurt (because I have poor knowledge in this area) instead of eating (because we all have our own opinions on what our children should be eating) but what she did say was helpful.

On the more nutrition side, what I was able to take away and what challenged me, is to first, don’t let it consume you. Second, what are your goals? Are you going to eat with your children? Will they be seeing you eat salads and fruit? Are you going to convince them from the very beginning that water is the best thing in the world? Another thing I definitely want to remember is to not reward only with food, but with other things as well like going to the park or reading a book.

Something I learned that I think will be helpful for my ministry and my marriage if we have children is to tire boys out. :) She encouraged us that little boys need to play and run around often.

For more nurse type questions that I was seeking, she talked about concussions, losing teeth, ear infections, going to the urgent care, items stuck in the nose, and stomach aches (I particularly liked that she encouraged us to let their stomachs rest when they have stomach aches.) I am definitely not a nurse but I hope the Lord gives me grace for those situations I might have someday.