SWI Review-Supporting Your Husband During the Rollercoaster of Ministry

For the next few posts I’m going to post SWI homework I’ve done this past month. This could be totally boring. BUT I’m really excited about what I learned (and want to remember), and I enjoyed getting to write. I l o v e when I send Andy a draft to make sure it’s okay and he sends back “Looks great, I loved reading that.” This homework is so easy, but I always stress about it because it’s just another thing to do. But I love it because it gives me something to write (even if it’s just a review). I love feeling the click under my fingers so during times when I’m dry and there’s nothing to write, to have an assignment just to get something out of me, it’s good.

Supporting Your Husband During the Roller Coasters of Ministry taught by Joie Rose was filled with wisdom helpful for any wife, not only a “ministry wife.” As she moved on to each point, though, I was filled with anticipation and excitement to one day be a “ministry wife.” Usually, I am filled with fear when I think of helping my husband in ministry. I do not feel like a pastor’s wife and the challenges that can come in ministry seem overwhelming. But as Mrs. Rose spoke, I felt peace and excitement. What she caused me to realize, from the very beginning of the class, is we must ask, “What is biblical and what is traditional?” God does not care if I am a “traditional pastor’s wife,” he cares if I’m a “biblical pastor’s wife.” She then took us to scripture, Ephesians 6:12. My battle being a pastor’s wife is not against people or my congregation, it is with the spiritual forces of evil. That does not seem like it could be encouraging, but it became a precious truth to me realizing that people are not my enemy, Satan and is. I am called to love people and stand for the Lord.

The most encouraging thing I took away from the class was learning what a pastor’s wife is. A pastor’s wife is a “wife to her husband who is also the pastor.” It is not a vocation. It simply means I am a wife and that is my vocation, my priority. My most important job is to help my husband (and vice versa). Similarly, she said our children will grow up in a fishbowl from our church’s perspective, but as their parents we should teach them they “live in the ocean.” This is something I hope I can always keep in my mind. Life does not revolve around the church. Our life is Christ.

What I took away from Mrs. Rose is that I am first a wife to my husband and a ministry wife only by the grace of God. He is the one that saves us and sustains. It is his church, not mine.