lately {april}


you know that first spring day where you realize you’re free and life is okay? (or maybe you’re like who is this weirdo and why does she always talk about the weather and her moods?) yeah that totally happened to me this month and it’s been amazing. happy spring, friends! xo

wearing skirts all the time because once it peaks 60 you can bet I’ll only be wearing skirts until September

love love loving this article

trying to get rid of a lot of stuff

floating for days from a lovely compliment (don’t you just love those? the ones that linger for days and inspire you to reach higher!)

savoring walks and bike rides

watching Downton Abbey like it’s my job and having my heart ripped out and stomped on (yes, I’m way behind the times, I like it that way. Yes, I get emotionally attached to good stories. Yes, I love talking about good stories. Can we talk about how much I love Maggie Smith?!)

loving Louisville in the spring (people are so friendly here, especially at grocery stores. I just love it. And it’s beautiful. Everything is white and pink and purple and green. Everything is okay in the spring.)

having a Tom Hanks summer movie marathon (we kind of already started the marathon pre-summer with two down already!)

planning a free, simple summer in the city (at least, I like to think that being an adult in the summer and a spouse taking summer classes is simple and free.)


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