life and april goals

Has my last post really only been about our last meal plan?! Last month I took an added seminar and have been focusing all writing on my homework for that. It isn’t hard, but I have a one track mind about that kind of stuff and focused on it whenever I felt the urge to write. I’m thinking about posting my papers about the seminar and my book review. Would that be boring? I just hate when writing becomes forgotten in an online folder, you know? I really am planning to stay more in touch and have some writing and surprises lined up.

Andy has been working over time the past week or so and man, that. sucks. That is starting to wind down so hopefully life will settle down into a nice routine, especially post semester. Other than that we are chugging along and dreaming of summer.

April goals:

*Offline after 6 p.m. unless I’m writing or learning.

*Get back on a structured schedule, create routines. (Anyone have some fun routines you add in to your week or month you’d like to share?)

*Buckle down and finish some projects.

I think this weekend holds some bike rides and long walks. I hope to post the last meal plan soon and get back to more writing and pictures. Have a good one! xo