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(note: I meant to publish this Feb. 1, which is why it might sound a little old [did not want to re-edit again!], and also gives you a glimpse of how slow I can be in getting the final product ready to publish!)

I am so happy it is February. February is like the month of hope that comes after the dark, spiraling, miserable month of January. I set out this winter to enjoy it and still live my life, but January was mostly miserable. I had no idea it would snow every week and be negative degree windchills for most of January and I don’t remember how I performed basic life functions like eating and getting dressed. February might be just as cold and leave me in a fog, but it’s a month closer to warmth. Plus, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because I love those little valentine cards. {I’ve already gotten two Valentine cards! A dear friend remembered my love for Valentine cards I think! :)} I’m so happy you’re here, February.

For my year of “remembering” I am starting an everyday journal. One or two lines a day about my day. In an effort to quell the “what have I been doing the past few weeks; what did I do yesterday; what am I doing with my life; what was that really special thing that happened a while ago” thoughts, this is doing wonders for myself. Some days it is hard–the only thing worth mentioning is that I ate or went to work. Some days are magic and I get to write down the little special moments that can so easily slip away. My hope is that in five years and ten years I will continue to write a line every day under the previous years line and smile at the meaningless days and the magic days. That I will have a history of all the crazy different things that have happened on one day–or crazy similar things. For this project I found the biggest empty notebook that I had and just divided it up for each day in hopes it will fit for the whole year. I didn’t have time or money to get exactly what I wanted, but maybe in five years when this one is all filled up I will be able to find exactly what I’m looking for.

For my individual goals this month:
*complete seven Christmas presents
*photograph the everyday things that don’t seem so photograph-worthy
*clean my inbox down to zero

On a completely separate note, I want to say thank you to those who gave me a positive comment about this previous blog post. I hope it did not come across as negative, it was really me writing to myself about not getting caught up in the pressures of life right now. It has been the one post so far that brought terror to the “publish” button, but Andy kept telling me it was good. I also thought it would be worth it if only one other person has similar feelings. Writing is absolutely terrifying to me, but I love it and I love how it can bring people together. I hope your weekend is lovely, xoxo. {and Happy Valentine’s Day!}


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