i love

Camelbak glass water bottle (this never leaves my side. it’s true what they say…I drink so much more water now. I tried to return it at first because I can’t stand to bite down on things, but Andy rigged mine to be a normal straw. Camelbak you should have different mouth pieces for people with teeth phobias!)

Crowder Radio on Pandora (more instrumental version of all your favorites.)

Dr. Bronner’s pure-castile soap (this is my face wash, dish washing soap, fruit and veggie wash, all-purpose cleaner, and if my hair will ever cooperate, shampoo. [I just use bar soap for body wash to reduce plastic consumption.] for tips on dilutions and different uses I like Lisa Bronner’s website.)

Charlie’s Soap (this is the only thing in my laundry room. I don’t have to use fabric softener, there’s no harsh perfume smell, and my clothes are clean. I get mine at  our local Amazing Green Planet because you can use your old container to buy in bulk and save on money and waste.)

The Jesus Storybook Bible (if you don’t have this you need to go to your book store and purchase it. I’m talking to you, adults. ;))

NIV Dramatized Audio Bible (this is my favorite audio Bible. Do you know how much you can read when you listen to something throughout the day–a lot! Plus, it is free online!)

Trader Joe’s pound-plus bittersweet dark chocolate with almonds (it satisfies our chocolate cravings for almost a month! If you are near a Trader Joe’s I highly recommend if you like dark chocolate. Anyone happen to know any good dark chocolate that is even “darker?”)

Bare Minerals makeup (I am still a new user, but so far it has what I want–very little ingredients, light, but buildable coverage, and very little time spent putting it on.)

Most of these are my essentials, but would also make great last-minute holiday gifts (or am I the only one that would love soap and dark chocolate for Christmas?). Do you have any favorite essentials?