good food

I think our food rut is over. We’ve been enjoying new things and savoring new flavors. Andy has been saying, “Wow!” a lot. Dinner is a sweet time together now that we have a dining table. I’m still so thankful we like each other and get along. I’m thankful we like the same food. I’m thankful we think the same about food. I’m thankful he likes to cook. I’m thankful we both just like being home together. I’m thankful everything feels right again now that we have a schedule back in our lives. I’m thankful for our need for food, and how it brings us together. Sit, eat, talk, laugh, enjoy.

recipes in order from top to bottom:
+blueberry banana pie vegan overnight oats {this is becoming our usual breakfast}
+pico de gallo {this was made because I was gifted with all the fresh garden ingredients to make it!}
+this was something I made up and wish I had written down; mostly tomatoes, zucchini, Italian spices, onion, garlic, tomato sauce and served over spaghetti
+simple vegan lasagne asparagus {there are no words for how happy this simple dish made me}
+frozen banana peanut butter chocolate milkshake {where has this been all my life?!! we have had it for breakfast and dessert. I can’t stop making it. I use almond milk and cocoa powder.}
+red lentil kofta and white beans {this is seriously the best meal we have had in a long time. I just want to shout about my love for lentils from the rooftops.}

p.s. all of these recipes pass my strict cheap, healthy, doesn’t keep me in the kitchen too long rules for if I will ever make the dish again.