getting settled

We are beginning to feel settled in our new place, although there is still much to do. The move was bittersweet. I feel like Andy and I grew up in Fuller together. Maybe it is me because I never experienced a different city before, but I’m finding it changes you and makes you grow up. Fuller is where we learned to be married when everything was new, hard, and different.

It is nice, however, to feel like we have our own little place. We no longer feel like college dorm mates. Cooking is a million times easier. Doing laundry feels like I’m resting on a fluffy cloud eating chocolate to my heart’s content. Our water pressure would be Kramer-approved. We like it here. It feels like home.

Traditional sleeping on the floor the first night in our new place.

Fuller, I do not miss your kitchen. (Yes, this was our kitchen, with a tiny refrigerator to the right.)

This is how we clean: spotless.

This is how we look after moving and cleaning.

Our new home! Our first home without an apartment number in the address!

My favorite view on my walk home.

Our first game in our new place–the squirrel game!
Thank you to everyone who helped us move! You blessed us more than you will ever know!