summer (to do)

It’s summer. Really, it’s been summer for a month. Andy has been out of school. The weather has been pretty nice. Life is slowing down. Since we’ve been married summer has really started to become my favorite season. Long days. Leisurely walks. Everything relaxes. Last month I didn’t feel like we were able to enjoy the first glimpses of summer because we had several time-consuming surprises come up. Now we’re getting rid of the stress and embracing summer. Let the magic begin.

1. spend as many moments as possible with Andy
2. blueberry picking
3. trail running
4. park exploring
5. visit cave hill cemetery
6. plenty of farmer’s marketing
7. go to a waterfront concert
9. eat good food
10. make our new house a home
11. share it with others
12. long late night walks
13. visit a new city
14. read a book with Andy
15. quit sugar (except for dark chocolate)
16. dance under the stars
17. sit outside on a porch at night
18. write more
19. buy a bicycle
20. go on a million bike rides
21. really keep a dinner diary
22. finish watching Call the Midwife (current favorite show)
23. run 3 miles
24. grow a plant
25. find the perfect elephant for our new place
26. put money back in savings
27. wear my summer little black dress
28. go see a summer movie