life update.

Two semesters are under the belt. We’ve been here almost one year. We are finally feeling settled.

This first year felt like we were just trying to survive. Really, it was just life. Love, a new city, adventure, and all the hard things that come with that. Finding steady jobs, settling in a new routine, living in a new apartment is hard. Meeting people and making friends, finding a grocery store, finding the laundry room, getting rejected is hard. It felt like I was “growing up” all over again (or maybe I did finally “grow up” or maybe I still don’t even know what “growing up” feels like). I was trying to figure out how to do everything all over again: pay bills and cook in a new kitchen and figure out how to balance work and rest and school and activities. Maybe this was all hard because of my personality or because I’ve never moved. Andy’s been a trooper and I don’t know if any of this has phased him. 

So we’re coming to the close of the first year and it feels good. It was nice to be brand new and invisible in a city. But now it is nice to not be the new person and know people. Just a quick update on what life looks like now:

Andy is planning on taking a summer class. He has the perfect new job for him working as a secretary at a church and also at a bookstore. He is on track with his degree, all is well.

I am working at a library. My days tend to all be the same, which is perfect because I love routine. I am so very thankful that almost a year ago we moved here. There are many things I learned to appreciate because of this move and lots of growing and stretching that I needed.  

We don’t know where we are living this summer/next semester. I was hoping all the major life changes and decisions were over for a while, then we were surprised with being evicted due to the Master Plan on campus. I am still stressed because we were not planning on moving at all and finding a reasonable apartment in Louisville is like searching for hidden treasure. However, I’ve finally decided to see this in a good way. We’re excited about not being on campus 24/7 and feeling more like grown ups instead of dorm students. Also, we’re hoping for a tiny bit more space to better minister to others and hopefully be able to stay until Andy finishes regardless of any more life changes.

We are so very happy it is summer. We hope it goes by slow. Lots of plans to enjoy the warmth and sunshine and taking advantage of events and things to do in the city, our home.