lately {april}

running together

making plans for this summer (it’s going to be the best yet.)

dancing like little school girls when a new episode of Psych comes on Hulu

taking evening walks

feeling overwhelmed (like, when it rains it pours. and right now it feels like it’s pouring.)

trying to learn how to rejoice with those who rejoice. (this is hard. so many great things happening to great people, and I notice I start to become jealous.)

wanting zucchini, always

planning so many fabulous things for lentils next month

realizing I only have one more closet to purge ruthlessly (I mean, we only have two closets, but only one left sounds like I CAN DO THIS!)

taking deep breaths

anxiously waiting for my favorite farmer’s market to open

coming up to one year of seminary completed (hopefully I’ll post a life update soon.)