an update

I haven’t been writing and updating and memory keeping as much as I want. Recently I read something that has inspired me to journal, now I’m working towards getting in the habit! Lately that is easy, I have so many words boggled up in my mind that the minute I stick pen to paper my hand doesn’t stop moving. So, I feel an update on our lives is called for!

The time has been going by fast because this semester is busier than last. Andy just finished two big Greek and evangelism midterms he was worried about (but I wasn’t:)). He has busywork to do almost every day-last semester he just had a few papers to write at the end. I signed up for an extra SWI seminar this semester so I have more papers and book reviews due as well; we do our homework together most nights. It seems like right now all we do is read and do the dishes!

The weather is just like back home; it snows one day and is in the 60s the next so we try to walk around the neighborhood and look at houses whenever it is nice. It inspires us to save up so we can have a little bit of earth to live and grow on someday. Nothing new or exciting so far this semester (except for my full-time job, which is going great). Most days run together and feel the same, steady and filled with love.