what we’ve been eating

Last Saturday, after being sick of being exhausted and either eating chips and salsa for dinner (which I could probably love almost every night:)), Andy cooking, or eating out even though we really don’t have any eating out money left, I did the smartest thing I’ve probably ever done and made almost a week’s worth of dinners on Saturday/Sunday. Praise the Lord they were all delicious (because lately Andy has been the only one liking my cooking)! I love to know when someone I actually know likes a recipe, so for those who feel the same way here are the links to what I made:

Tomato Soup with Roasted Garlic
(Notes: I could not find fire roasted crushed tomatoes, so I used regular, still turned out amazing. I blended half the soup in a blender and left the rest chunky. Also, I did not add any soy yogurt or sweetener.)
New Orleans Style White Beans

Real Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

White Bean Chili
(Notes: Made this in the crockpot. So easy and good.)

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Black Bean Chili
(Note: I always soak and cook my own beans, next time I want to try to get the black beans a little softer.)

trying to kill a little cold with spinach, lemon, apple, carrots, banana, and ice. very strong!