seminary life

You know you’re beyond exhausted when you come home and leave your keys in the door all night long.

You know you live on seminary campus when you see your keys in the door Saturday morning as you go do laundry and your car isn’t stolen.

You know you are a poor seminary student when after wondering why if someone was nice enough not to steal your keys, why aren’t they nice enough to knock on your door and give you your keys? You realize it’s probably because 1. everyone else somehow has no jobs, but money and leaves for the entire break 2. the only other couple still living in your building during the break never do anything on Friday nights either.

You know you live on seminary campus when someone leaves their ESV Study Bible in the laundry room. 

PS: If you ever live on seminary campus the best time to do laundry is Saturday and Sunday mornings.

PPS: I’m pretty sure it’s not a sin to do your laundry on Sunday mornings when that is usually the only time you have the time or energy to do laundry. Jesus understands.