lately {december}

swinging on the porch at night

thinking we’ve lived in looavul six months??!! (It feels like six years!)

stopping mile a day (I’m getting a crazier work out at work)

hoping I can start again soon

praying for a new, better job

enjoying the good days and people I meet

wrestling with changes and contentment

loving the recent beautiful weather

eating lots of hummus and pita

turning Friday night date nights into Saturday date days

listening to Andy read from Good News of Great Joy-free advent devotional every night

drinking green smoothies every morning

feeling loved

planning to finally make some Thai food soon

wondering what will come in the new year

needing to finish Christmas shopping

appreciating quiet evenings with Andy

realizing I really do love our simple life on campus

but still wishing I could have a dog

specifically, a scottie

trying to start back my reading plan

thankful Andy asked me to marry him three years ago


2 thoughts on “lately {december}

  1. Ugh! It posted my comment twice, and then when I tried to delete one of them, it deleted both of them. Crazy Blogger! :) Anyway…Agreeing that it seems like 6 years!! Continuing to pray for the job situation. Missing you guys!!

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