three months

Kentucky has been our home for three months. I decided from the start to intentionally make this home, to put down roots, be involved, make our apartment comfortable and warm, and get to know the city by exploring and eating and shopping local. The first month was hard. Everything was overwhelming, it felt like we were the only people that lived on campus, and I admit to having several, “why in the world did he bring me here?!” thoughts. Andy was only patient and understanding, always sweet. One of the first places we went when we got here was Target. We needed some things that would not fit on the trip up here and I was more than ready to shop. The moment I stepped inside I almost started crying. It was exactly like the Target at home-I really could pretend I was in FS in there. I spent several days going to Target that first month. It sounds silly, but it was the only place that felt familiar and also the only place I could remember how to get to. I also learned the past few months that I have a lot to learn about humility and contentment. I thought I was ready for all the change of scenery, jobs, budgets, apartments, everything. I was filled with pride, but the Lord has been so good to teach me and to even provide us jobs, scholarships, an apartment we love, a church, and close friends already here that have helped us and given great fellowship. After three months, I can now say they have been very sweet. So many things have encouraged us that this is where we are supposed to be right now. We are so thankful: thankful for such a unique city, a friendly and welcoming church, such wonderful friends, a beautiful place to live and learn, a lot of time to spend together (I feared there would be almost none), and family back home that love us and have encouraged and helped us. Three sweet months in our new home.